Model 901 portable headspace analyzer oxygen

Model 901 Headspace Oxygen Analyzer

Our flagship product - economical handheld oxygen analyzer, with 5 year oxygen sensor.  Great for testing all kinds of food packages, but can be used for any application where a pump and/or sample probe is useful.  Accuracy +/- 0.1% (for oxygen levels below 10%).

0-100% oxygen analyzer

Model 905 Headspace Oxygen Analyzer

Sturdy benchtop oxygen analyzer, typically used for testing food packages.   Rugged enclosure and highly durable design withstands the roughest environments.  Accuracy +/- 0.1% (below oxygen levels of 10%)

Q2 – Portable O2 / CO2 Analyzer for MAP testing

Portable oxygen and CO2 analyzer for food packages, incubators, and hundreds of other applications.   Long life sensors, fast response, and highly accurate.

Headspace Oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer

Model 902D O2 / CO2 Headspace Analyzer

Benchtop headspace analyzer for O2 and CO2 analysis, typically in food packages.