The Importance of Quality Control in Packaging

Oftentimes we are asked by a food producer or packager why they would need to check their packages for residual oxygen levels.  In many cases this may be a startup operation, small food company, or a producer which is new to the world of modified atmosphere packaging.

While it might be reasonable to assume that a five or six figure investment in packaging equipment will simply work, packages leak, gas mixes can be wrong, and each product has a different texture and may require more ardent flushing.

Furthermore, any biological process that occurs after packaging needs to be measured, for shelflife and freshness purposes.

We offer several solutions for the analysis of residual oxygen in packages or containers – our Model 901 oxygen analyzer, and our Model 905 oxygen analyzer.  Both of these analyzers come with a built in pump, hold a leaktight seal, and provide results in about 15 seconds.

Lastly, each of these analyzers has an oxygen sensor with a 4-5 year sensor life.  So if you’re tired of replacing sensors, sending your analyzer back for sensor replacement, or having downtime, either of these analyzers provide the absolute lowest TCO in the industry.