Expected Lifetime (oxygen) 4-5 years
Oxygen Range 0 to 1000 ppm Oxygen
Oxygen Sensitivity 1ppm
O2 Resolution 1ppm
Analog Output (optional) 0-10V
Resolution 1 ppm Oxygen
Accuracy 5ppm
Drift Less than 10ppm per year
Oxygen Sensor Type Proprietary zirconia cell, expected lifetime 4-5 years
Response Time 7 seconds from 1000 to 100 ppm; 15 seconds from 100 to 10 ppm.
O2 Sensor Lifetime 5-7 years
O2 Sensor Body Stainless Steel
Sample Connection quarter inch tubing to Swagelok fitting.
Sample Method Pump (Optional)
Sample Pump Optional; Internal, with adjustable timer
Pump Timing (Optional) 2-mode pump switch (timed, or continuous)
Sampling Port Swagelok inlet (1/8 in)
Minimum Sample Required 100cc
Sampling Assembly Not Available
Oxygen Calibration Controls SPAN adjustment, zero adjustment (calibration gas recommended)
Instrument Calibration Calibrates with standard gas; adjusters on back of analyzer
Exhaust port Vents to air (optional rear panel Swagelok)
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC, internationally compatibile
Backup Power 10 cell NiMH pack (optional)
Battery Operation Optional
Input Voltage 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Battery Life 8-12 hours before recharging
Measures: O2, CO2 O2
Form Factor Benchtop
Size 9.8in x 4in x 10in. (249 x 102 x 254 mm)
Weight 8 lb. (3.6kg)
Warranty One Year
Standards RoHS, CE
Included Documentation Owners manual (includes operating instructions with detailed calibration instructions, calibration certficate, precautions), NIST calibration certificate
Origin of Goods Our goods are manufactured in the U.S.A.
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What included

What’s included:

  • Internationally compatible (100-240V) power supply / charger
  • Swagelok inlet fitting

Optional Items:

  • Swagelok outlet fitting