Differences between the 901 and 905 Headspace Oxygen Analyzers

Often we are asked what the difference in functionality is between the Model 901 Headspace Oxygen Analyzer and the Model 905 Benchtop oxygen analyzer. The internal components are the same – we use the same pump, oxygen sensor, and circuitry in both analyzers. The main difference is the enclosure.

For applications where portability is not required, such as stationary sampling in a lab environment, the Model 905 is the preferable choice due to its rugged metal enclosure and form factor. An operator will have better visibility of the oxygen concentration reading on the front display of the Model 905 when sampling packages.

The other main difference is that the Model 905 can be modified for limited headspace sampling – something that cannot be done with the portable oxygen analyzer. We have achieved 99% response with as little as 2-3cc of headspace on the 905; this serves as a “middle-ground” choice between the full blown pharmaceutical headspace analyzer (our 905V) and the normal 905, which requires about 10-15cc of sample to obtain an adequate reading.