Technical Product Support

Request manuals, ask a technical question: call (508) 839-3940 or
e-mail us at
or fill out the form on our Contact page

Parts and Accessories Orders

Please email us at if you are not sure what you’d like to order.
Call (508) 839-3940 or fill out the form on our Contact page PDFDOWNLOAD OUR 2016 ACCESSORY PRICE LIST WITH PICTURES (PDF FILE)

Send Calibrations and Repairs to:

Attn: Service Department
Quantek Instruments, Inc.
183 Magill Drive
Grafton, MA 01519

Instructions: Generally no RMA is needed; please include contact information in the form of a business card, as well as a brief description of the symptoms and/or problem, to the best of your ability.Typical turnaround time for repairs and calibrations is 1-2 days.

Prepare your shipment:
  Include the charger or power supply; unscrew the sample probe as it is difficult to ship without kinking.  We don’t need your accessories or consumables.

Customers outside the U.S.: Please ship to the United States using harmonized tariff code 9801.00.1090 (which is the code for manufactured goods originally made in the U.S.) and declare a value of $50 on your commercial invoice.